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“ A Taxi service with a child seat in KL - our experience ”

08 November 2011, 20:09

As a young family with an 18 month old daughter, we were a bit worried about the taxis around KL, especially the longer trips to and from the airport. We didn't really want to lug around a child seat for our 2 weeks holiday not hire a car with one in and around KL ( but we we did in Langkawi).

After raising a post on TA we finally came across some advice from other travellers, with Paki Sufi's taxi service being recommended.

Paki Sufi offers a genuine taxi service but also with the option of a child car seat! He was quick in replying to emails, and was easy to deal with in arranging taxis to and from LCCT airport.

Our driver on 4 occasions was Radzi and he was excellent, drove carefully and spoke excellent English. We ended up with a premier taxi and it was great - with Radzi waiting for us at the terminal and right on time - if not early - when picking us up from the hotels.

We highly recommend Paki Sufi's services, especially if you are like us and wanted peace of mind of a child seat for your infant or toddler.

Please PM me if you want more details.
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Deerland is 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Our Taxi services will be glad to drive you to this destination. Please consult the Taxi Booking page of this site for further information and / or questions.



“ Recommending a taxi with a baby seat - so rare! ”

Jan 07, 2011, 8:36 PM

My husband, one year old daughter and I just came through KL and I'm very pleased to recommend a taxi driver who has a baby seat. This took some serious research because it's really rare to find a taxi with a baby seat in KL, but we had a really good experience so I thought I would pass on the details for any other concerned parents who would like their child safely buckled in!

Pak Sufi is a warm, friendly man, speaks excellent english and is a safe driver so we felt very confident having him take us to and from the airport. He was also very forgiving when our daughter was ill in his car - he stopped on the side of the road a couple of times for us and was so understanding (he has grandchildren so happily said he was used to it), despite the fact that it must have been quite unpleasant for him!

His rates are very reasonable (it cost us MR 85 each way from the airport to KL centre) and we highly recommend him. Pak Sufi's website is: